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Come visit Case Management in the new Student Health and Counseling Center on the second floor.  We are located by parking Lot 21.

  • Mondays - Friday: 8 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

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What do Case Managers do?

Clear Paths and Help Solve Problems!

Are you overwhelmed, struggling with a relationship or family issue, failing your classes, feeling anxious or depressed, worried about housing, going hungry, or concerned about someone who is? Case Managers are the path-clearers and problem-solvers for UCR students dealing with mental health, academic, relationship, food insecurity, and other stressful crises. By providing resources, linkage, education, and expertise, we empower students to break down barriers, clarify needs and navigate complex processes to get back on track to reach their goals. 

Case Management Office is part of UCR's New Division- Health & Well-Being & Safety  (HWS) — united in their commitment to the well-being of all UC Riverside students. HWS is made up of 8 departments:

Case Manager assistance is free to any enrolled UCR undergraduate, graduate, or professional student. Students can contact us directly, without a referral. Parents, staff, and faculty can refer a student, or call and consult with a case manager about a student of concern.


How Do I Connect With a Case Manager?

  • How do I refer a student to Case Management?

    Worried about a classmate, roommate or fellow student? You can refer a student to Case Management by giving them our contact information or by filling out a Public Care Report. If you’re in need of assistance for yourself, contact us directly.


    You can refer a student to Case Management by giving them our contact information or by filling out a Public Care Report.


    Faculty, staff and parents can request a case manager reach out directly to a student. Let us know your concerns about the student, and whether or not we can mention your name in the outreach. To refer a student to our office, contact us directly or fill out a Public Care Report.

  • How do I know if the issue is appropriate for Case Management?

    Follow this response protocol to determine who to contact if a student is in distress. 

    If you are concerned about a student’s well-being, most issues are appropriate for case managers. We will help the student get to the right place if we are not the correct department to assist them.

    If the student is having a mental health issue and is unsure about going to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), we can address the student’s concerns and normalize the counseling process, as well as help the student connect with counseling support.

    Case Management is not the appropriate resource for issues of sexual assault or sexual misconduct because we are not a confidential resource and will have to report information to the Title IX Office. UCR’s Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education (CARE) advocates provide specialized, confidential sexual assault and sexual misconduct support to students.

  • Are case managers confidential?

    Case managers are covered by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) restrictions, therefore their conversations with students are private but not confidential. Case managers only share information on a need-to-know basis. This allows case managers to speak with a student’s academic advisor, financial aid counselor or other university official on the student’s behalf. 

    However, under FERPA, case managers cannot share any student information with anyone who is not a university employee, including parents, without the student’s written permission. The Office of the Registrar provides this deeper explanation of FERPA.


  • Can a parent call you?

    Yes, parents are welcome to call the Case Management office or fill out a Public Care Report whenever they are concerned about their student. They can request that a case manager reach out to their student, or they can simply consult about how to handle a situation regarding their student. 

    Case managers cannot share any of the student’s information such as their grades, class schedule or financial information without the student’s written permission. Case managers can share general information about university policies and departments. 

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Helping Students in Distress

Follow this response protocol to determine who to contact if a student is in distress. For additional resources, consult the Red Folder.

If you or another student are in a health or safety emergency, call the UCPD at 911 or (951) 827-5222.


Concerned for a Student?

To report students of concern, please file a Public Care Report. To report life-threatening or immediate danger situations please call UCPD at (951) 827-5222 or dial 911.


CAPS is here to help! Call (951) 827-5531 and select option 2 for personal mental health services.